Special services

Tins and treats posterAdvent Sunday, 2 December at 10:30 am

Please join us this year as we celebrate the start of Advent by collecting items for Wandsworth Foodbank

Christmas is traditionally a time we think of others and we are placing charity at the very start of our journey to the manger at Putney this year by collecting items for our local Foodbank. Sadly, foodbanks are all too familiar a part of modern Britain and many people now donate items regularly to help those facing a crisis. 

We would like to give some much-needed cheer to the people who use Wandsworth's foodbanks by giving them a little extra along with the usual essentials. Something to make them feel that they too ca share in something of the joy of Christmas. We shall be collecting on Sunday, 2 December during our usual morning service. Please consider bringing along a ‘treat’ like:

  • a box / tin of chocolates 
  • sweet / savoury biscuits
  • chocolate bars
  • nuts / dried fruits
  • any other crisps or snacks

Please look at the labels and buy items with as long a ‘best before date’ as possible. No fresh food, please.

Other ideas can be found on the Foodbank's website.