Sunday Evening Bible Study

Prayer with BibleThe study of scripture is central to our identity as Methodist Christians. Throughout the year, we regularly study scripture together in worship and small groups. Recently, we have completed an in-depth study of the gospel of Mark.

We are continuing to hold a regular Sunday Evening Bible Study at present. This is in part to replace our Sunday evening services during the current pandemic but also to deepen our appreciation of the scriptures. The sessions will be from 7:00-8:00 pm via Zoom. Please contact the Minister for log-in details.

The Acts of the Apostles: 'to the ends of the earth'

Starting on 25 April, we shall be looking at the Acts of the Apostles until the summer. Acts is one of the most exciting and inspiring books in our scriptures and describes the life of the early church, following the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Led by preachers from our church, this is an opportunity to delve deeper into key passages, ask questions and learn together. All are welcome.

ApostlesYou can access a full copy of the text, using the NRSV translation on Bible Gateway hereThere are lots of good guides and introductions available about the book. You can read a quick guide on Wikipedia here and there are introductions available on YouTube here and here.

We will not be able to study the entire book (the longest in the New Testament!) all together but here is a rough schedule of what we hope to cover each week:

  • 25 April - Acts 1-2: setting the scene (Geoffrey)
  • 2 May - Acts 3-5: The earliest days of the Church (Kathy)
  • 9 May - Acts 6-8: Stephen and Philip (Jessica)
  • 16 May - Acts 9: The Conversion of Saul (Geoffrey)
  • 23 May - No class
  • 6 June - Acts 13-14: Paul’s first missionary journey (Cyprus, Antioch and Iconium) (Jessica)
  • 13 June - Acts 15 (The Jerusalem conference) (Geoffrey)
  • 20 June - Acts 15:36-18:22: Second missionary journey (Macedonia, Corinth and Athens) (Geoffrey / Jessica)
  • 4 July - Acts 21-26: Paul’s Trials and Tribulations (Kathy)

Pauls missionary journeys