Helping prisoners

Putney Methodist Church has had a long relationship supporting the chaplaincy and community trust at HM Prison Wandsworth. We have recently received the following message from a group seeking to help prisoners during this very difficult time:

"The prison is now on 23 hour lockdown because of Covid 19. This has left many men frightened and lonely with nothing to do. 

We have tried to provide in-cell packs with board games made by laminating A3 paper prints of chess/draughts, backgammon, snakes and ladders and ludo. We will keep supplying adult colouring but we are going to need help, and all the charity shops where we might look for jigsaws or packs of cards are closed. 

If you live or work in the South West London /Wandsworth area and have any local contacts, please could you put out the message that we have a real need for 

  • jigsaws 500 or 1000 pieces (cardboard)
  • playing cards
  • books
  • felt tips
  • pens, colouring pencils."

If you are able to help in anyway, please contact Liz directly by e-mail here