Lent and Easter 2021

LentLent is a holy season for Christians, which begins on Ash Wednesday (17 February this year) and ends on Easter Sunday (4 April). Christians have traditionally observed a period of fasting and penitence during Lent since at least the 4th Century. The 40 weekdays of Lent (Sundays are not included) reminded believers of the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness. Christians engage in many different activities at this time. Many find it a useful time to pray or study their Bibles more, increase their giving, or to take up another discipline. 

This year, we have had to limit what we are doing at Putney, owing to COVID, but we hope that this may still be a season of reflection and growth for us all.

Ash Wednesday, 17 February

This year we will be joining our friends at the Chaplaincy of the University of Roehampton for a special ecumenical ashing service at 1:00 pm. The service will be conducted via Zoom and all are welcome. Please e-mail Geoffrey for log-in details here

Preaching series: 'Tell me the stories of Jesus'

As usual during Lent, our preaching on Sunday mornings (whether in person or online) will follow a consistent theme. This year we are focussing on the stories of Jesus in our gospels and considering two simple questions: (1) What does the story tell us about Jesus? (2) What does it tell us about us? 

The stories our preachers have chosen are:

  • 21 Feb (Lent 1) - Jesus in the Wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11) - Rev'd Geoffrey Farrar
  • 28 Feb (Lent 2) - Jesus and his friends (John 11:1-44) - Rev'd Geoffrey Farrar
  • 7 March (Lent 3) - Jesus and the Woman of Samaria (John 4:4-42) - Isabel Tayler
  • 14 March (Lent 4 / Mothering Sunday) - Jesus and his mother (John 19: 25-27) - Deacon Kathy Johnson
  • 21 March (Lent 5 / Passion Sunday) - Jesus and Pilate (John 18:28-38) - Rev'd Geoffrey Farrar
  • 28 March (Lent 6 / Palm Sunday) - Jesus and the crowd (Mark 11.1-11Rev'd Geoffrey Farrar

Lenten reflections

During February and March, we shall be joining fellow Christians in Churches Together in Putney and Roehampton for a fascinating series of talks about truth. These will take place on Thursday evenings from 7:30 pm. Please see here for more details.

Bible study 

Ash CrossDuring Lent, our regular Sunday evening Bible Studies will continue as we carry on studying the gospel of Mark. 

Holy Week

In the final week of Lent, traditionally called 'Holy Week', we have put together a series of events, both live and recorded, that we hope will help you reflect on this most important period in the life of Jesus:

  • Palm Sunday (Sunday, 28 March) - 10:30 am Morning worship (live, via Zoom and on YouTube) and 7:00 pm Sunday evening Bible Study, looking at the Passion Narrative in Mark (Zoom) both led by Rev'd Geoffrey Farrar
  • Monday - Holy Week Bible reflection (YouTube): The Anointing at Bethany, Mark 14:3-9 led by Deacon Kathy Johnson
  • TuesdayHoly Week Bible reflection (YouTube)The Arrest in the Garden, Mark 14:43-52 led by Jessica Dalton
  • WednesdayHoly Week Bible reflection (YouTube):  Peter denies Jesus, Mark 14:66-72 led by Rev'd Geoffrey Farrar
  • Maundy Thursday - 7:30 pm Maundy Thursday service (via Zoom). A Love Feast reflecting on the Last Supper (Mark 14:12-25led by Rev'd Geoffrey Farrar
  • Good Friday - 10:30 am Good Friday service (live, via Zoom and on YouTubeled by Deacon Kathy Johnson
  • Holy SaturdayHoly Week Bible reflection (YouTube): Mark 15:42-47led by Jessica Dalton
  • Easter Sunday (Sunday, 4 April) - 10:30 am Easter Sunday Holy Communion led by Rev'd Geoffrey Farrar (live, via Zoom and on YouTube)

We hope that all these services and activities will help you draw closer to the mystery of the Cross and the Resurrection, especially in this strangest of times.