Our ministers

At Putney we are lucky enough to have two ministers:

Our minister, Revd Geoffrey Farrar

Rev'd Geoffrey Farrar is a presbyter, and has pastoral responsibility for our church, and the nearby Methodist churches at Barnes and Roehampton. These are all part of the Richmond & Hounslow Circuit. Before coming to us, he served in Watford and Bushey in the West Hertfordshire & Borders Circuit of the Methodist Church. He trained at Wesley House in Cambridge and was ordained in 2012. Before this he was a civil servant, working at the House of Commons, and an English teacher in Poland and China. He entered into a civil partnership in 2011, and both he and his partner are really enjoying getting to know Putney.

Geoffrey shares many of his sermons and other writings on his blog, which you may read here. (You can also follow him on Twitter.) To e-mail Geoffrey, please click here. Or telephone 020 8789 9722.

Deacon Kathy JohnsonDeacon Kathy Johnson is a deacon within the Methodist Church, and works with our church in Putney and at nearby Roehampton. This is her first appointment, which is based on the Alton Estate in Roehampton. As a member of the Methodist Diaconal Order, she lives by a Rule of Life that guides her in both devotional life and in discipline. The word “deacon” comes from the Greek diakonos, which means servant and describes an office that developed in the early church. Nowadays, deacons are described as being between church and community, holding the door open for the world to enter and for the church to venture out.

Kathy is originally from the suburbs of North West London, but has lived in various parts of the country throughout her married life. She and her husband have two grown up girls, one living nearby and one in the West Country. It is a great joy for her to be able to meet up with them on her days off.