Love Abounds

Exciting new creative project for Easter, 2022

We are preparing for another creative project at Putney Methodist Church, after the success of Noye's Fludde in 2020. This time a new Passion Play, which will be performed on Good Friday (15 April), 2022. Written in the Mystery Plays tradition, it will feature a range of traditional music and poetry, with some music and text specially produced for the performance.

Love Abounds 2022 

Mystery plays were a vibrant part of community life in medieval England. They were written, sponsored and performed by local people and often embellished the Biblical text with jokes (sometimes a little colourful!), contemporary political comment and some fanciful subplots. They are unique in that they are pieces of grassroots theatre in their own right, that also formed part of the rhythm of worship in the lives of ordinary people and played a role in spiritual formation. 

As we gather together on Good Friday to meditate on Christ’s passion we will draw on that tradition with a performance that is also an act of worship; a piece of theatre that explores the theology, meaning and significance of the Crucifixion and invites us to reflect afresh on the Easter story.

Just like the original mystery plays, we are hoping that the piece will involve individuals and groups from across our community. Everyone is invited to join a special choir for the production and we are also looking for soloists, instrumentalists and artists, as well as young people aged 5-16 for our children’s chorus. Further details of how to get involved are in our welcome letter here. Any questions please get in touch with Jessica.