Sunday Evening Bible Study

Prayer with BibleThe study of scripture is central to our identity as Methodist Christians. Throughout the year, we regularly study scripture together in worship and small groups. Recently, we have looked at characters from the Nativity and texts on the theme of 'God with us'.

During the pandemic we met together for study on Zoom, and we hope to start an online study group soon but we are also re-starting in-person gatherings on Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm at the Church.

The Bible Course

Have you got questions about the Bible? How all the different parts fit together, for example, or how it came to be written? If you have, then come along to Putney on Sunday evenings from September, when we will be using the Bible Society’s brilliant Bible Course to go deeper into the most important book ever written.

The sessions have been specially written and created by the Bible Society to explore all different aspects of the Bible. Each session includes a professional video and the course runs through the Bible’s contents from Genesis to Revelation. There will be plenty of chance for discussion and questions. When we ran the course at Barnes a few years ago, even life-long Christians were impressed by the course and said they had learned a lot. 

Everyone is very welcome to attend and there's no need to attend each week. You can watch the videos here:

Bible Course poster